she threw my heart away

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my ex, the one person i gave all my heart to and thought i had all of hers told me on saturday night that it may be best we dont talk anymore. i told her that the way she was acting was hurting me and she decided that us not talking was the sloution. she didnt wanna talk about it, she didnt wanna change it, she didnt wanna try.

i dont know if im more pist at her or more hurt by her decision. she doesnt understand but she still told me that she is in love with me.

i couldnt even stay at school all day because i didnt wanna have the opprotunity to see her twice in one day. i left. but my friend kept an eye on her to see if she would do what she said she would do, which was stop talking to this other girl. my friend saw them twice in one day talking. she has no idea what she's doing and even if i told her i dont think it will make the slighest of a difference.

what goes around comes around and i hope with every thing i have that she gets what she deserves. i hope i hope i hope.

sorry if i sound crazy but inside my heart, i feel like it's just not there anymore. i feel like it's one of those things that you loose while walking on the street but you walked so many places that night you have no idea where it fell off.





I know exactly how you feel my ex told me the same thing that she loved but we ended up going on a "break".So now she with the 1 person I told her not to go anywhere near but don't wish her anything bad cuz that's what I did and I'm the 1 hurting the most.Well good luck hope everything works out for the best.

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.