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(Ok- this is a story that is currently in my brain- and I need to write it down before I forget. It's not too good- but you can still read and comment if you want.)

The first flake fell from the pure white sky, floating delicately down onto the ground, where it clung to the grass before the blades sliced the tiny, unique beauty into a thousand miniscule drops of water. As if this was the sign they were waiting for, the rest of the flakes fell- faster and heavier and faster and heavier as I walked back towards the classroom, dragging my feet as I attempted to stretch out the simple errand I was running for as long as possible. I felt a sudden jerk in my stomach as I looked up at the snow, feeling a phantom hand around my shoulders- which was, sadly, on ly alive in my memory. There was excitement there too- an adreneline I knew couldn't be tamed with a lesson of double physics.
The other students I passed were all clamouring with excitement, but I knew that while they were all anxious about the prospect of a Snow Day, I was thinking about the snow- white skin of Lily.


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Wow.. tantalising.. it gives

Wow.. tantalising.. it gives you just enough information to make it a beautiful read, yet doesn't give you nearly enough as you want.. A nice touch with the down-to-earth-ness of the double lesson of physics, something nearly everyone can relate to in one form or another.
Keep writing! There're not enough stories and the like on Oasis.



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Thanks hun- I do intend to wr

Thanks hun- I do intend to write more- I just can't get very inspired in my ICT lesson! :)

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This is great, all of these stories for us to read today...keep at it, it sounds really interesting :)

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its good. the description at

its good. the description at the middle/begining is real heav and i like that.