Straight guy pretending to be gay?

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Yesterday, in physics (usually pronunced with a sigh in my school), a friend of mine who was sitting next to me started to feel me up. First he put his hand on my leg for a short while, then took it away. Then he put his hand on my back, and took it away. This continued for a while, and I led him on a bit, saying things like "why did you take your hand away?", and then "why did you put your hand on my back and not on my...?". Anyway, then he stopped. He said he had a boner, and that he couldn't believe feeling me up was making him get it.

I said I could see it, which wasn't exactly true. He showed me through the outline of his pants, and from what I could see, he definitely had one. I started putting on the "it's ok if you're gay" thing, but with a tolerant, straight touch. I wasn't being serious, since I knew he wasn't seriously gay. I started touching him in return. He tried to stop me, because he said he wanted it to go down.

So I told him to pour the cold water in his water bottle on it. Again, I wasn't serious. But he poured some into his bottle cap, unzipped his pants and told me to look away and did do it. I didn't look away though, but couldn't see anything as he didn't lower his boxers or anything. I don't find him particularly hot, so I don't think I missed out on much. Then he zipped up and we continued with the lesson; amazingly the teacher didn't notice anything.

The fondling was not the first time this sort of thing has happened, I assure you. It's funny how straight guys can be so touchy-feely like this. Another friend of mine, who I do find hot, used to do this, except for several weeks and without the boner. He was better at seeming more into it, partly because his voice was more convincing and he was more vigorous. I don't doubt that either guy is straight, though. Of course it's possible they're bi or gay, but this is not enough justification.


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lol, sounds like a lovely exp

lol, sounds like a lovely experience. I understand, though here, the gay acting usually stops at the talking and none of this touchy-feely crap goes around (unfortunately!)

Man, I need to find some hot guys willing to touch me...

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I think you need to help him prove he's straight by doing more, and more often, until it no longer makes him hard.

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Yeah guys do that here all th

Yeah guys do that here all the time as well. This one guy in band with me, touches everyone... Hugging, etc... I swear, if he didn't have a girlfriend, and actually be against gay rights... I would swear he WAS gay.

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Where is this school?!
*packs bags*

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Ok if you know these guys are straight why are you petting them or allowing them to pet you. I mean i don't understand it, why would you let it go on. To toy with him? Because if that is the case that is extremely cruel because you could be right and these guys are bi or they could actually be gay and not sure about it yet or whatever, so don't toy with them that will just make them anxious about coming out or whatever it is that they are gonna do. Don't do that, please because as someone who is NOTSOSURE that would really screw with my head to have someone do what you just did to that boy in your physics class. so have some consideration the next time you decide to play on some confused victim.

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I don't know these guys are straight for certain. I just work with things as though that's true.

You raise some good points about not toying with people. But he was the one who came onto me (no, not in that way) first, so I consider him fair play. A guy who's trying to come to terms with his sexuality probably wouldn't start feeling me up if he was going to be freaked out by it himself. I always let the other guy start it, and no one's ever seemed really freaked out when I return the favour. Were they to be, I would stop immediately. If anyone is being toyed with, its me, since I am being led on with what is tantamount to foreplay, but culminates in nothing. However, I choose to allow this.

There are some difficulties that arise from me saying "It's ok if you're gay" as though I'm a straight guy, but I don't say anything that positively identifies me as straight, or anything that should make him think I'm a homophobe underneath it all. I just try and take the piss out of the stereotypical coming out situation, making sure I do not put down gay people while doing it. Ultimately, what makes it amusing is not what I say, but the way he interprets it. Neither of us is taking the situation seriously. I know this guy well, and I'm sure he knows I am relatively gay-accepting.


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Happens in my school...

Happens in my school too. The other day my (female) best friend's boyfriend thought this other guy had taken his phone, so he made him drop his trousers and then proceeded to check inside his boxers and touched him quite a lot... while my best friend and a couple of other guys were in the room.

And there's 2 other guys who are often pretending to make out. But I don't reckon they're gay: I reckon they're just a bit unsure. A straight male friend of mine with a long term girlfriend made out with another guy at a party last year, and he got quite a lot of stick for it, but he told me he was just curious. I think guys do it partly out of boredom, partly for a laugh and partly because they're unsure.

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that matt nathanson quote.

I was recommended him by someone/thing, and i haven't been able to track any of his music down.

Is it worth it ?

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