Strings of Heart

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How can one such as I,
Who knows nothing of the heart, and its mysterious beats,
Who has never felt the rhythm of love,
Or heard the heart beat romance.
How can one such as I, begin to understand love?
Must I wait until my own heart plays that song?
Or can I take that beautiful sonata from another,
And play it through them?
Can I let this song echo through me, invigorate inside me and power me?
Or must I rip the strings from my own heart,
And play the harp I craft from the hollowed shell of my humility?
Must I give everything to hear the song?
Must I sacrifice all I am and all that I shall become,
So that I can hold you in my arms and play my song for you?
I wonder now if every love has a different tune,
Or if all love is played on a single lire,
And we receive the strings from our God too play our song for another.
I’ve heard beauty in words,
And I’ve seen wonderful and graceful bodies walk this earth.
But from what I’ve learned,
Only the blind can see love, for its beauty shines brighter than the light of the sun.
The heart is palace of light and its chords are strings of crystal prisms,
To reflect and magnify the beauty of the inner thought.
If this castle of the heart can reflect the radiance of my God,
Then can it not also reflect the light of my love.
Will my song grow and magnify in the recesses of my heart,
Until my love burns so bright that it dares to consume?
And if this song were to grow into a storm,
Into a screaming torrent of my inner desire, where I only see the color red
And I can only hear the hearts that play this song of love.
Then I dare say I’ll throw my life away,
I’ll give all that I am if only I can hear that song again.
If I can hear that sonata of the heart, that prelude to love,
If I can just hear that song played from another, and if they would allow,
I would take it from them and let it play inside myself
Until my own heart grew strong.
Then they would have my song forever.
And it would play until my palace grew dark, and my strings had snapped.
And only then in those muted times would my song be given not to another,
But to the heart whose harp did I borrow such a song,
And there it would remain until kingdom come.
Playing in the darkness, forever echoing from the strings of heart.


Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever hear the song..
Happy Valentines Day everyone, even if you dont think its so happy