Thats Gay!

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It occured to me today that alot of people use it for the stupidist reason.
So to make it fun, i want you to list things ppl have called gay, or reason ppl called someone gay...
Ie: Today I noticed someone had put stickers with animals on them on a keyboard in my teachers classroom, another kid called it gay. Friend of mine made the comment "Okay so putting stickers on a computer is the equivalent ot having sex with another man"
Now if you think about it, its pretty funny, or maybe its just me lol.

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Lol- one of my favourite 'Gay

Lol- one of my favourite 'Gay' uses was in the movie Shaun of the Dead:
Ed: Why have we got to go to Liz's, peachy?
Shaun : Because we do.
Ed : But she dumped you.
Shaun : I have to know if she's alright!
Ed : Why?
Shaun : Because I love her!

It's just funny the way that even heterosexual love can be referred to as gay- seems liek the word covers everything these days!

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what is gay...

There is a painting on the wall at my school, it is a huge rainbow head. One day I heard some kids saying "that's so gay" while pointing at it. I felt like asking them what their point was. Other less funny things I have heard calld gay are: sweaters, sandwiches, teachers, lunches, and lots of homework/projects.

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i loved SotD

Now that's a slice of fried gold!.

I also loved Spaced. =P

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Dude! Spaced rules :-) I've j

Dude! Spaced rules :-) I've just been watching the S.2 DVD again and reliving my crush on Jessica Stevenson!

Daisy Steiner: Do you rent downstairs?
Brian: You mean am I gay?
Daisy Steiner: WHAT?
Brian: You mean am I gay?
Daisy Steiner: No, I meant "Do you rent the downstairs flat?"
Brian: Oh. Yep, sort of.
Tim: Are you gay?
Brian: Hmm?
Tim: Are you gay?
Brian: No.

I lived my life in shadow- never the sun on my face
It didn't seem so sad though, I figured that was my place.

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I like, "Homosexuality is so gay." I mean, of course it is, so it really can't be an insult... ah, it's so funny (and scary and sad) how people use this word incorrectly.

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this has nothing to do with t

this has nothing to do with the topic but...ur avatar is sooo cute! Sry, just had to say that:)

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Re: Thats Gay!

I dont think you can even imagine how often i hear something or someone being called gay for dumb reasons. At my school its become a really big joke (maybe i have something to do with it lol)

Some of the better "Thats gay" were..

- Guys wearing pink shirts (strange fad for a backwater christian town o_O)
- Girls going to the bathroom together (admit it! its very unstraight :P)
- Football (think about it.. guys in tights bent over saying hike and tackling one another)
- Bottled water
- Blow pops (the candy)
- Scooters
- Roller blades
- Helmets (even after a serious wipe out on a motorcycle)
- Pro Wrestling (the ultimate!)
- Kites
- Michael Jackson (the white version..)
- Bush (the president.. how ironic would that be?)
- Mowing the lawn
- Popcicles
- Hot Dogs (one of my friends wont even eat them cause of that lol)
- Really emotional girls
- High Heels
- Afro's
- Mullets
- Queen (the band)
- Overprised pizza
- Losing on Halo 2

and yeah..thats just the tip of the iceberg :P

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This is true at my high school too. Especially the boys wearing a pink t-shirt. This can be taken in two ways, is how i see it.

1.) it is good that people are becoming comfortable with the fact that homosexuals are around therfore they turn it into a popculture saying

2.) It sux that they are saying 'That's so gay" to describe something. Being gay isn't and adjectives it is a way of life. However it isn't entirely who we are.

I choose to inform the ignoramouses by turning their own characteristics into adjectives to describe something that is negative.

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Technically, Freddie Mercury

Technically, Freddie Mercury of Queen was bi, not gay. And man, could he sing!!! Sorry . . . Queen fan since age 3 . . .

I've heard pretty much everything called gay at some point or another, but the best was when someone called our school library gay because he was kicked out by the librarian. What was funny was that the library actually is the "Gay Library", because it's named after the donor, Dr. Charles Gay. I explained this, and the person was like, " . . . . . . . . . . . . OH! I get it!"

Needless to say I was smirking quite obviously.

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Re: Mercury

Queen is the single greatest band ever forged, and Mercury will more than likely return to us in years to come as Jesus! Alright maybe i exagerate.. but Queen does truly rock beyond all holy reason.

As for your library, i believe i may have once been within its walls in my youth.

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Oh gay!

Yeah, i hear it a lot...But i'd have to say my favourite (favourite in an 'i hate it the most' way) is one of my friends who doesn't even use the 'gay' insult thing correctly. Most people will describe something as being gay if they don't like it, but she uses it in the way most people would use the word 'shit' or 'fuck' eg. if she drops something on her foot: "Oh gay!" it sounds so stupid, and i told her this once, but she said 'oh well, that's what people say where i live...' (She moved to another state a couple of years ago) anyways, it really annoys me, if you are going to use the word 'gay' incorrectly, at least do it in the correct incorrect way...if any of that made sense...

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in the news. gay inanimate objects!

Some things that really annoy me.... a guy in the school play lead being called gay because he can sing and dance well. Also inanimate objects being called gay.

*If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?*

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Sadly, I still find myself occasionally saying "that's gay" for no good reason

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sometimes i do that too every

sometimes i do that too everyonce in a while by accident...cause everyone around me says it so it just slips out.

~~If there's something weird in your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?
If there's something strange and it don't look good
Who you gonna call?

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My old Woodwork teacher, who

My old Woodwork teacher, who is a really nice guy actually, was telling us abotu his daughter and her fads with new words. I think he dropped something and broke it while telling us, and he used one of his daughters expressions of:
"It's all gone gay,"
He apologised afterwards, and said he really shouldn't say that. Still, it was kinda funny the way he expressed it- but obviously not funny in the way gay was used.

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It didn't seem so sad though, I figured that was my place.

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Best thing ever

I have wittnessed alot of "thats gay" but this one
takes the cake, a group of girls in my school were
flippin through one of tehre "girls nights" pics and
they were like topless ridint eachotehr and somone
said somthin to the extent of " i was watching
a soap" and one of the girls holdin the topless
straight girls gone wild pics says "hahah thats soo
gay!" as shes hodlint these pics ! lol i couldnt help
but laugh hysterically!

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When I worked at the amusement park last Summer, I saw a guy with a T-shirt that said "Homosexuals are gay!". I couldn't tell if the guy was gay or not-- no indicators that I picked up anyway. So, does the shirt mean that he's gay, or is it homophobic?

I'm still wondering about that one.