Thirty Six Hours Can Change A Lifetime

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~Hello to all of Oasis,
I've been meaning to post for quite some time,
but the time never seemed right. But the last
two days have changed me...honestly, probably for
the better.

I have a girlfriend, have had her for a month,
I love her soo much! She is 22 (I'm 18),she
lives in Florida (I live in Georgia), she's
a waitress/student at a technical college
(I'm still in high school and the only
employment I have is babysitting every other Sunday),
she's a huge partier (I will never touch a drink
because I'm extremely scared that I will totally lose
all control and intuition), her future plans just include
making "sweet moolah" (I have the next 17 years of my
life planned out). Despite all of these differences,
we fit together perfectly. We are just a great all
around couple. Although, we have to work through a
long distance relationship, an age gap, and on top of that
being gay, we make it work. We are totally and completely
committed to each other.

So, yesterday I decided to drive down to Florida to see
her. The drive is about 300 miles (6 hours). I left
at 9 in the morning and arrived at 3 in the afternoon.
I told my mom that I was spending the weekend with a
friend of mine who lives in my hometown. The made up plans
with Jay (friend) included driving to the zoo, having a
sleepover with some other girls, and hosting a party on
Saturday. Of course all of that was a lie, but it did
sound like a typical weekend with my friends. The reason
I had to lie to my mom is because she does not approve
of me driving around town, let alone 300 miles on the
interstates and backroads of Georgia.
Needless to say, I packed up and drove to Florida.

My mom called my cell phone at around 4:30 wanting to know
where I was. I told her at my friend's house (Jay,the one from
my town) and she said, "Well, I just called there and no one

*Uh oh*

"Well... (thinking of a good excuse) that's because we're
pulling in the driveway now."
"Hmm, okay, I'll talk to ya later."

After that close encounter, I received another phone call
at around 9 from my mom, but this one wasn't as cheerful:
"I have some bad news..."
"You're in Florida."
"With (insert gf's name)?"
"Don't leave the house, I'll call you back in 15 minutes."
I was busted, caught redhanded, ratted out, traded in by...
my best friend?? She wouldn't have...yeah, she would have.

I decided I'd give that biatch a call, actually about 5
phone calls...she wouldn't pick up.

My girlfriend and I go to her work and the dreaded phone
call comes from my mom:
"You're driving back tonite-right now!"
"What? No, I'm not! I'm too tired. I just drove 6 hours."
"You should have thought about that before you drove down
there this morning."
"And tell (insert gf's name) to follow you."
"No, I'm not making her drive 6 hours out of her way."
"Well, I'm coming to get you."
"Well, we're not driving."
"Let me talk to (insert gf's name)."

*Hands phone to Tay*
"I am very disappointed in you, (insert gf's name).
You are very irresponsible for letting her drive
down there with only 60 dollars and a cellphone
with no service. You should have told her not to come.
And if you two are drunk or high, I don't want you driving.
(hangs up)

My girlfriend starts crying, I get so frustrated at my
mom and my "best friend." I stare in my disillusioned
trance to protect myself from thinking about what is
really happening and how I wish I could just be swallowed
up in the earth's volcanic cracks.

On the drive back to her apartment, she also stares
in a trance, but then gets very angry. She cusses and
hits the dashboard really hard. Of course she has every
right to be angry. It's not her fault...I drove down there.
I'm a very indepedent person, no matter what she would
have said I would have drove anyway.

So during this whole time, I have no idea how my mom
found out I was out of town. The curiosity is killing
me the most...I mean some kids at school knew, but could
they have accidentally called my house asking if I was there?
Could my best friend (Jay) really have called my mom and
told her of my where-abouts??

My doubts and questions were soon friend calls.
"I'm sorry.(laughing)"
"What the F*uck???"
"Lauren, don't freak out. Just listen."

The story::::

My mom and her boyfriend were eating at the local Mexican
restaurant. My friend was really actually supossed to be
sleeping over with the girls I talked about earlier.
Plans were changed and so she went looking at houses
with her family. They were driving down my road
because a kid who lives near me left his coat and they
were bringing it to him. Her dad asked where I was and
whethered I wanted to eat with them. She told him that
I was hanging out with Sam and Sue, two of our other
friends. So my friend walks in the restaurant and my
mom spots them and motions her and her family over.
My mom asks where I am(this is the friend
I'm supossed to be with). She saysI'm with Sam and Sue.
My mom wants to know if I'm spendingthe night with her.
Her parent say no, I'm not. So my mom
goes where is Lauren?? My friend breaks down and says
"She's in Florida with Tay." My mom whips out her cell phone
and frantically dials my number(the second missed call
I previously explained).

So, to wrap up the night, my girlfriend and I enjoyed the
six hours we had together while my mom drove to come get
me. My mom came to get me at like 4 in the morning
and we got back in town by like 11. The car ride was silent,
basically because I slept. We got home and my mom's
boyfriend, who drove with my mom to get me, pulled me
aside and said I could talk to him whenever, and my
mom was just upset I lied. That was a very nice gesture,
after all he did just drive 12 hours out of his way because
my mom was worried about me.

We got home and I took a shower, and then my mom said
she wanted to talk. So I told her we could talk now.
We sat down and she was like,
"Lauren, I'm disappointed you lied. And who is Tay?"
"What do you mean?"
"Is she gay?"
"Are you gay?"
"For how long?"
"What do you mean how long?! I have always been."
"Does Jay (best friend) know?"
"No, I didnt want her to tell you, because I didn't
want you to be disappointed in me."
"Why would it bother me? My own brother is."
"I know, but it's different."
"I suspected you were."

So basically she didn't freak out, which I would have
totally and completely expected. She then told me not
to "flaunt" my gayness at school because it is as she
says "the backwoods"and warned me of the drugs and
alchol more prevalent in the gay community. She's
also worried of the age group and distance...which is
to be expected, between Tay and I. So, at least she
didn't disown me or cut me off which I expected. Part
of the reason I didn't tell her is because she overreacts
and a mentor of mine once told me not to tell her until
she asked. So, I waited until she asked and so she was
basically "ready" to hear it. I mean, it's not like it
was a total surprise or shock, which could initially
come out of--coming out.

So guys, I hope that is somewhat inspirational and hopeful.
I guess some parents are a little more understanding than
you may think. Maybe the advice about waiting for my mom
to ask could have helped. Good luck, guys!! I love you all!!


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Well that was interesting. Good luck with your gf.