thoughts during keyboarding

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I am currently in keyboarding, and shouldn't be writing this. I should be working on my table assignments in Word, so that I don't get too far behind again. Luckily I finished my power point presentation during fourth period. Laura is in my keyboarding class, and I sit right behind her. I am able to touch her, I play with her hair, or occasionally poke her. I sometimes also get caught up in watching her... Like now, I just keep looking away from the screen and what I am typing and look at her. Granted it's not her face, but I still stare at her. Lovely, she just turned around and looked to see what I was doing. I hope she didn't see what I was writing, not that it would scare her, at least I don't think it would. Yes, my thoughts are quite weird and off during this class. I was staring at her, and her legs... And then I caught my eyes traveling from her calf to her thigh... *Blushes* My beautiful friend is talking to me now, telling me how evil chemistry is, since she was just doing a worksheet. It isn't like her to not do her keyboaring assignments. The only time she won't do them is if she wants to write me a note in our notebook. As I wrap this up, since we only have five minutes left of class, she is writing back to me in the journal. I wonder what she will say, and when she is actually going to call me and we'll finally have our talk. Damn, caught by the teacher. That and Laura tried to read what I was writing. She told me to write that she says hi.

Oh, and my parents found out that I cut the other day.