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I have had three dreams now with the same girl in them. I dont know her and she's diferent ages in diferent dreams. everytime I "see" her, I feel like I know her really well. I remember last night I had a conversation with her about who she was but I can remember it. does anyone else do thins kind of thing? am I way out there insane?


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I've had the same experience - a girl who keeps popping up in different dreams. Never had a conversation with her (that I can remember) but she has definitely been in a number of dreams. She's always of indeterminate age (could be 15, could be 25), always amazingly heart-wrenchingly beautiful, and she always has this funny little half smile on her face. Once I actually figured out who she was (in a dream) but I can't remember anymore. In a weird way, though, I have trouble letting go of her. It can be dangerous to fall in love with a dream, but in this case its pretty hard not too. But ah well. Good to know that other people have had similar things happen. I always thought it was just me.


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My weird dreams

The weird dreams that I have been having lately consist of men. I keep dreaming that my brother is trying to hurt me. In one dream he was trying to rape me and in another he was trying to kill me. The other weird dreams are about this convicted murderer that I knew way back when before he was ever arrested or convicted. In these dreams I'm the age I am now and he is usually the age he was when I really knew him

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This isn't a recurring dream,

This isn't a recurring dream, but I still remember just about every detail of it and it happened just about a year ago.

Really, it was short but strange. It started out with my best friend and faceless stranger fighting in a street somewhere. And when I say fight, I mean fight. As in, beating the hell out of each other. My best friend ends up winning the fight, the stranger collapsing on the ground.

I'm devistated.

Being the saddest I've ever felt, I ran to the collapsed man and picked him up, practically crying as I carried this man to a hospital that was conveniently close. It was so weird. All I know is that, whoever this man was, I loved him very much. And in my dream, my best friend almost killed him. I woke up and almost cried right then and there.

You can never beat time, but you can sure put up a hell of a fight.