what do you do when your crush proves to be straight?

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I have a crush on a girl and i thought that maybe she was but i found out recently she isn't so what do you do when you like someone who is straight?

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DAt iS tUfF

ya i know what u mean... i guess da #1 thing da i gots 2 say is don't fall in luv wid da person, cuz dats wat i did, n den when he found out about me, he started actin all ignorant towards me as if i wasnt der n it rly hurt. what i would give as advice is just be content wid being that persons friend (or make them drunk n do what u wanna do then) hehe

gHetToE PnOii livN iN dAh mOsT uNgHetToE pLacE... nEvAdA...

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Thats all well and good but h

Thats all well and good but how the hell do you simply stop yourself falling in love with someone?

Emma xxxxxx

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The problem's probably solved by now.

But post resurrection ftw.