what r ur fav shows on tv that include gay ppl?

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We all know that there r some tv shows that include some gay/lesbian content and i was wondering what r ur favorites ones and why...

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Re: shows

Queer as Folk, enough said :P

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Will & Grace

Hey it has to be Will & Grace...

Jack is such a thrill, and the spunk he has is hilarious.

I don't think any other tv show can beat that, well unless I am the actor offcourse. lol

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Will and Grace

Last night's episode was great. It can't get any better than Patti Lupone singing Don't Cry for Me Argentina. Evita and gays, my two favorite things

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LOVE Patti LuPone!

Actually, the show that I'm really into now is on FX, and it's called, "The Shield." One of the secondary characters is gay, but I like the fact that they portray him as a conflicted individual living in a world of straight people and gay bashers as opposed to other shows that don't necessarily portray that. I think it makes this gay character more believable than others on TV.


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Will and Grace is brilliant-

Will and Grace is brilliant- can't get enough of it!
The L Word used to be my favourite- but I can't seem to find any reruns on British TV, any help would be appreciated.
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is pretty good too, even my mum likes that one!

My ulitmate favourite was Buffy, but seeing as that's ended I'm not too sure now...

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It used to be Will & Grace, w

It used to be Will & Grace, when it first came out. It just doesn't seems as funny now as it was then. I dunno. Now it's Queer as Folk, and I've recently been watching the l word.

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like the pic

Hi just for some random reason i'd like to say that I think your pic is very beautiful even though I'm a gay male! not bisexual!lol

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OMG will and grace is the fun

OMG will and grace is the funniest show have to put this on here

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Fave show

I would have to say my faviorite show that included gay people would have to be the 'L' Word. Because it portrays lesbians as real individuals. With different personalities, dealing with the everyday crap that everyone goes through. Not like Will & Grace (Don't get me wrong its funny) which sort of portrays gays as sort of flat characters. They are simply there to entertain. This show doesn't do that, it shows the everyday stuggles of the prejudices that we all face. I really like that.

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A lot of you put down "The L

A lot of you put down "The L Word"...and i was just wondering, wut channel is that on.(not the # but the name of the station that broadcasts it)

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Showtime. Personally, I deci

Showtime. Personally, I decided to buy the first season on DVD and I'm glad I did because that "puppet show" thing on the bonus disk was worth it