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I'm a senior in high school, and have been plannng on taking my girlfriend to Prom. Today I found out that our school has no gay rights and that I can't go with her, since she goes to a different school. I really wanted to go with her. However, I don't know whether I am ready to make a huge deal out of this or not. Especially since I have lost my temper against some of the people harassing me at school because I am bisexual.


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What about her school's prom?

What about her school's prom? Can you go to that with her, instead of her going with you to yours? If not, is it possible that you could go single to prom (at our school, technically you're supposed to have a date, but the way that you buy tickets is such that it's easy to cheat the system) and have her go single or with a willing guy friend of yours (because, considering she goes to a different school, she probably can't get to your prom without a that goes to your school). There're a lot of ways around the rules, unless there's some sort of rule that doesn't allow people of the same sex to dance together as well.

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I hate conflict, but I'd sugg

I hate conflict, but I'd suggest fight back. Make a big deal of it. It doesn't hurt anyone else who you go with, but it hurts you. It doesn't damage any 'image' the school may have, because showing acceptance and open-mindedness will help an 'image', not hinder it.

She's your girl, and you should fight to be with her when other people try to restrict you. And loosing your temper about people harrassing you is a bigger motivation to fight, methinks. Fight back, win, and throw that in their faces.



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if you want it, fight for it

i think that if the prom means a lot to you, and if you really want to spend it with your girl, you should go for it. These people who are harassing you may start to give you respect when they realise that this is something that is important to you, and you believe it is your right.
Your school system sucks, and there are probably plenty of other guys and girls attending who wanted to bring their gay partners. Helping yourself will help these too.

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