Where did your confidence go?

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Where did your confidence go?
Why do you find it so hard to make the right decision for you life?

What happened to you? When I first met you, you hard strength like no other. Everything fell into place, all was in order. You where the type of person where nothing and no one could get you down. You had the drive of successes, my inspiration and shield. You had the freedom of a child, and now you stand there trapped, caged! What happened?

Why can’t you re-capture those moments? It sounds good when we speak about it but still you don’t strive hard enough to re-kindle those flames. It’s your flames, your fires so why do you allow it to die. Only you can control what happens to you, only you have the power to make or break.

I see you so helpless, but there ain’t much I can do nor say. You look at you life and wonder what went wrong but never seem to try to correct the wrong. So it might hurt to get things in order again, so why don’t you just try. I can’t help unless you act.

Imagine your in R10 000’s worth of debt. Do you complain day in and day out hoping it might go away or do you start paying little by little till it all fades away. The debt was made by you, so it was a mistake, ain’t we allowed to make them. Yes, we can but we must be able to handle and balance it all. Like the debt, everything else is the same. We make our mistakes, but until we acknowledge them we can never move forward.

Or kids play video games, but do they ever give up if they can’t complete a certain level? No they continue and continue till they have mastered it. With each level that gets harder just shows us that things don’t get easier. O, we can complain about it all, but that never brings us any more forward than where we are now.

Would you like one day to be told you could have been there if only you took the necessary steps to achieve it? I sure would cry even more if I knew. Being who I am, not perfect still making mistakes, but what I have learnt was to get up, dust myself and continue on.

We never got clever by sitting, we also never started walking or crawling by just lying there, it took some courage and commitment. When we got the nick, we still had to practice day in and day out. So who says that what you are going through is easy, and who ever said that based on your decisions you made was not going to hurt.

What is it that you desire? Why can’t you have that? As I have said, only you can control what happens in your life, and only you can accept what is thrown at you. You can lie there in the mud if you feel comfortable or get up, cleanse yourself and move forward.

Re-think your dreams, and make it happen. Do not settle for nothing less than your best. I know this best that you think you have, is not even close to the best you desire. Live up to your standards. Remember that those who bring your standards down to theirs will always win in the end. Why, cause they are the master on their level.
It is the time to see things as they are, and make the necessary changes. So it might be hard to overcome, and that’s where I come in to help you along.

You are too dear to me to let go, but as everyone has their own direction and lives to live, so we accept. Remember if you run with wolves you will learn how to howl.

Your decision……. Make it……….. before it is to late.