Which is the best show featuring gay people?

The L Word
34% (16 votes)
Queer as folk
30% (14 votes)
Will and Grace
30% (14 votes)
Queer eye for the straight guy
6% (3 votes)
Total votes: 47


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I haven't seen the L word, though. And queer eye seemed to make us seem like we're superficial and concerned only with fashion. The only episode I saw of Will and Grace didn't make much of an impression on me, maybe because I saw it on a plane. Queer as folk was pretty interesting and you could say it stereotypes. However, QAF convinces people not to consider the stereotypes as relevant IMO.


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I aggree with you but when making this poll those where the shows i was able to come up with and it is said that only 2 out of the 4 depict gays in a human light instead of slanting it in a certain angle for marketing purposes.

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As the sole vote for Queer Ey

As the sole vote for Queer Eye, I think it is shown in a positive light. I love all the other shows (never saw L Word, I dumped cable and all before that came on), but Will and his sexless relationship, and everyone on QAF and their sex-filled empty lives? Eh... don't care.

Whereas Queer Eye is five actual gay guys making jokes and such. I mean, sure it's campy and double entendres abound, but... that is normal life for me, anyway. :-)

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the L word comes back on toni

the L word comes back on tonight!!! SO excited...been waiting for like a year. I hear that Marina isn't going to be on this season *sheds tear*.

~If we were all the same, life would be boring

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I thought the new season of the L Word didn't start until Feb. 20th

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Yeah I got wrong info...got m

Yeah I got wrong info...got myself all hyped for nothing :(

~If we were all the same, life would be boring

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*Open mouth*

really i am so said to hear that she was so HOT! I don't have that channel unfortunately, (somthing i plan to rectify in the near future!) i only got to see the first season because of the fact its on dvd. Keep me up to date!

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Can't Pick

Oh I can't decided everyone has it's pros. The L Word - Hot Lesbians need I say more, Queer As Folk - Cute gay guys getting it on, Will and Grace - Funny as and Jack is just well Jack, Queer eye for the straight guy - never seen it, I don't have that channel.

*A fairy came to me in the middle of the night, sprinkled magic fairy dust on me, tapped me on the head and said "I dub thee gay"*

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Well, I guess, it might be hard for some to choose but I choose hot lesbians over the others anyday!