Whisps of Dreams

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I have a habit to write down my dreams, for the single purpose of trying
to self analyse myself. I took a nap during my third block at school today
and had a mentionworthy dream i guess.

It began with me in my third block, only the color had faded to black and
white. I was looking out of the window that was across from me. The
rest of the class was watching "My Girl" (one of those decent PG movies)
And since i usually sit away from the rest of the class they never even
noticed when i got out of my chair and went over to the glass. I pushed
against it, and it just moved out of my way and i fell through and started
floating outside the classroom. I looked back, and still no one had noticed
i was even gone, even after the bell had rang and everyone left. I sort of
hovered there for a second when i suddenly feel a hand on my shoulder. I
turn around only to find myself, or rather.. a clone or something of
myself. He takes me by the shoulder and we sorta move through the wall
and i watch the 300 some odd people move around and go to their classes
and eat lunch for some time. I remember asking him why i was here, but he
never answered.. or talked for that matter. After a while everyone goes
home and the halls are empty save for.. well.. me and this clone thing.
The school lights dim and day turns to night.. it gets really dark around
me until i cant see anything.. i feel someone press against me and for a
moment i dare say i kissed something, then the lights flood back on
and i wake up in third block to my friend Rob waking me.

<_<;; so yeah, crazy dream.