wish me luck

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I have an overnight retreat (I go to a Catholic school) to go to today. It is with my senior class (high school), and my classmates are a bunch of bitchy, self-centered, ignorant assholes. I am scared, most likely because I don’t know what will happen, and the fact that I may get slightly homesick, which never happens to me. Other things are the fact that there could be violence, so I asked my theology teacher the other day if there were locks on the doors to the rooms. She said she thinks so, but if there aren’t, I will barricade the door, and if I can’t do that, I will stay up all night and keep watch. I’ll in a strange setting, and there may be a chance that I “convert


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good luck. why would there be

good luck. why would there be any violence?

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Good luck to you. Even withou

Good luck to you. Even without knowing your circumstances, I can take a guess at what're you implying. I wish it wasn't really that bad that you feared actual violence. You can tough it out though.



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do not go and /or tell your f

do not go and /or tell your folks how u feel and your real concerns. if they love u they will.