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(I am a quitter! I know it- and yet it doesn't bother me. If the going gets tough, the Lisa goes runnin. That's part of the reason why I am starting a brand new story, while my others lie unfinished! I will get back to all of them- fanfic, regular fiction or just plans. Still- I've been thinking about this idea for a while and here it is.)

"I- I'm afraid it's not something I can personally understand," Maurice Green paced around his office, his brow furrowed and his spectacles in his hand. It was a dreary Wednesday afternoon, a day which was- by definition- made for relaxing in the office and ploughing through the confiscated paperback which was suspiciously concealed in the locked bottom drawer of Mr. Green’s desk. He did not really want to have to deal with the complex love lives of his students, particularly when they were as passionate as the one before him today. For one thing, there were so many ways of being ‘politically incorrect’ and risk the wrath of the Board of Governors; for another, they painfully reminded Maurice of his own failures in the world of love and romance- something which he preferred to drown in whisky and smother with a heavy workload. Maurice sank, as if these feelings were a physical weight on his shoulders, into his chair and looked over his steepled fingers at the girls before him.

He recognised them both, Becky Jackson and Lily Sanchez. Good, polite students with the right amount of attitude to be interesting without being troublesome- yet, like many before them, they’d fallen prey to the unstoppable teenage predator, hormones. Becky, the shorter of the two, had an air of great fear around her. She cracked her knuckles until they were white, and her eyes darted around the room- looking everywhere but into the eyes of the headmaster. Lily, however, was the picture of serenity. Smiling and, if anything, looking rather bored she reached behind her and took Becky’s sweaty hand in her own, giving a supportive squeeze and bringing Mr. Green’s wandering attention back towards the pair.

(More to come- obviously- basically, the girl’s are kicked out of school for being a ‘distraction’. Lily breaks off the relationship and goes back to study at the school- promising to turn straight. Becky, however, says she will remain true to herself and goes to study at a boarding school for children like herself who were kicked out unfairly. She meets gays, bisexuals, lesbians, Wiccans, transsexuals, Goths, vampires (not the fiction-y sort, the people who believe they are vampires) etc.