YES! for movies that is..

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I've had the worst week ever.. but i'm happy lol.. my movie that i ordered
finally came in! rofl.. I'm watching The Touch of Pink as we speak.. its
extremely amazing that i could get movie gallery to even order it.. i've
slowly been breaking them in into get more films featuring gays.. but this
is the first where the main characters are lol. I'm already trying to get
them to order Trick.. but they're not to keen since i'm the only one that
actually rents the movies.. and they get alot of hell for having them.. but
the owner likes me.. and hes pretty cool so i'll keep trying..

Its not much.. but ya know.. even the small things with the tiny bit
of joy they can bring seems like a silver lining behind dark clouds..

i'm such a hopeless romantic... *sigh*