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For some reason, I woke up today feeling better than I have in a little while. Not really sure why, but I am glad of it. Being sad, mad, depressed, and disappointed gets old really fast. Things have been so crazy lately that this feeling of peace is foreign to me. Guess all the talking I've been doing paid off. That and writing definitely helps. I hope I can hold on to this feeling at least until I get back to MT. Spring Break is almost over, and now I'll actually have to see those people again. Not sure exactly how I feel about that. I'm pretty good at holding a grudge, and they've given me good reason to never trust them again. One said that she's sorry if I'm mad at her. Sorry just doesn't change anything. Ah, well. No more bad thoughts for the moment. Guess I'll see what happens when I go back to campus.


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I'll hold on. . .

to the feeling with u. it's really odd, to feel good after . . everythig. if u hold on to that feeling, i'll try to hold on with u! ;)
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