2nd time around

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Been here in Hell before, but it didn't quite feel like this. While it really hurt at first, I'm kinda indifferent about it now as long I i don't dwell on it. I just can't understand why she'd tell everyone about me and my gf. Why couldn't she tell me that she didn't like my 'lifestyle? Hell, I told her about me four years ago. She lied, said it didn't matter. She still wanted to be my 'friend.' Now I just sit and wonder why I ever considered her my best friend. It's funny cuz I basically went through this before. Her parents found out about me last semester, and we're not supposed to hang out anymore. Today she told me not to talk to her, like she's been doing me some kind of favor by hanging out with me. Lol. Me and my gf broke up, but we're trying to still be friends. Not easy when she's rooming with my 'friend,' who is ready to report any communication between us. Well, I told my ex that if she can ever get away from the warden, my door is always open.

Also had another bible lecture. It's funny how people hear what they want to hear. That one stupid question, 'Why did you choose this lifestyle?" Hmmm....I didn't choose it. Why would I? Another thing, 'I don't have a problem with it, but it's wrong.' Uhh...can we say oxymoron. People just avoid anything that negates their argument too. Mention any other sin that is committed everyday and they just continue in their spiel about how homosexuality and bisexuality is evil. I learned some stuff. Apparently, if you're gay, les, or bi, you can't love God. Interesting. Now if only these people realized that, a lot of people in their church are gay, les, or bi. LMAO.

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