A little wierd, but then again...

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Okay, I have a personal question for everyone... Has anyone using this website ever been raped? It was just a question, kind of personal, I know, but I really need some help on this subject...Thanks

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I know you really want/need people to reply to you...so I am, but i've never been raped. I'm not sure whether to say 'I hope someone on here can help you' because that would mean...yeah...
Perhaps those who have been raped don't feel comfortable talking about it, and would rather nobody knew...
This was a useless reply, sorry I can't help you, good luck xox.


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no as such

no but iknow ppl who have. its not a nice thing to go thru, its so terrible, and i only know this from the afect it had on "this friend" afterwared. she wasnt the same again for a long time.

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I haven't been raped, but if

I haven't been raped, but if you go to this link, you may find something that will help you. It's a LJ entry, no ads or anything, don't worry.

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Hope it helps you.



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