Advice anyone?

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Hiya Everyone!!
Just wondered if any of you can help me with a particular issue I'm trying to deal with at the moment. A few weeks ago a really close mate of mine told me that she really loved me and had been 'in love' with me for the past couple of years but had never had the courage to tell me before. She came out to me around two years ago and I was one of the first she came out too. She said that she's never loved anyone this much etc etc. The problem is I am straight but when I've been drunk with her before I've done things I probably should not have and I think these have lead her to think that I like her too. Now I feel really guilty for screwing her head up. Since she told me her true feelings for me and I didn't give her the response she obviously wanted from me she's been avoiding me and I've only seen her once since. This has really hurt me and I'm really missing her being around. Has anyone here got any advice for me and what I should say to her next?

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i think

Hey Girl
I think what you should do is simply telling her you are sorry yu cannot return her feelings, but that she means so much to you as a friend that you do not like seeing her hurt.

Tell her how ffriendship is important to her and tha tno matters how she feels you'll stay her friend... if she still want to.

of course she may had believed things, but assure her what you 2 had is better than anything else you both could've had if you returned her feelings.

good luck!
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Tell her what you just told u

Tell her what you just told us. Say that you care about her, that it hurts you that you haven't been seeing her, that you regret doing whatever you did while not sober and didn't mean to lead her on, that you're a heterosexual and can't return her feelings, but want to be friends again.

I hope things work out.

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I agree

That is the best thing that you can do, you don't want to make her feel stupid for telling you how she feels, but then again, you don't want to be with her because you are straight. so be straightforward with her and tell her what you feel! Good Luck!

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Screw Her, I'll watch

Contrary to my topic I would tell her, taht you like her as a friend, but you are straight, offer to help her find someone else or something, be a source of support. Or change your name and flee the country
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Thank You

Thank you all so much for your advice!! I'm just going to give her some time and space at the moment because I think she needs it. She knows where I am if she needs me, I think she gets embarrassed when I'm around and that's why I haven't heard from her much lately. I really hope she doesn't regret telling me though which I think she might because I think she thinks things won't be the same and I may not act the same with her but when I next talk to her properly I'll reassure her of all the things you have mentioned, thanks again.