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Another silly rumor at my school. That I have sexual relations of one form or another with Josh. Days like these make me want to wear a sign on my back saying "Look you idiots...I am a lesbian". I have known Josh for years. We are very good friends. That is it. I have never even kissed him. I wish I could just snap my fingers and come out to everyone I know all at once. I can't even make myself come out to this guy in my chorus. It is really sad. He is even gay for crying out loud. I have been trying to do it for like going on a week now. It is terribly hard for me. O well, I will try again tomorow.

On another note, I am currently in the midst of shows for our play at school. I am shift manager. Wow. The play is like really hot. Its crazy. It is comprised of an all female cast, and most of the parts are males. There is a lot of crossdressing going on, and apparently that totally turns me on. The two people I have semi-crushes on look totally hot in Victorian-esque suits. I have never really explored this part of me before. I have never even really known it existed. There is something about the androgeny of the situation. The fact that they are so obviously female, yet there are some determinably masculine traits on the surface. There is just something about that mingling of identity that is totally sexy.


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Couldn't agree more. Androgyn

Couldn't agree more. Androgyny is ... *drools* Especially crossdressing girls...