another LDR?

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Oh god, I think I'm losing my mind. This girl saw my profile on yahoo personals and IMed me... we got to talking and she seems really really really cool. Very romantic, intelligent, funny, etc. Doesn't have drug or alcohol problems like my ex, and just got a new (hopefully steady) job. We've probably spent about 6-8 hours talking over the past 2 days. The thing is, is she lives an hour and a half away from where I am up at school. (I happen to be home on spring break right now) Can I try another LDR? Granted, this isn't as long distance as my last, but neither of us have even an hour and a half is formidable. *sigh* I don't want to let distance stop me from meeting the love of my life (hypothetically), but at the same time my last relationships showed me what distance can do to a couple. There's a really really good chance that I'll be visiting this girl in the next few weeks (just a day trip, by greyhound). Don't worry...i'm not insane enough to rush into things as badly as I did last time, but my gut tells me this has potential. I guess only time will tell.

On other matters...I struck out last week. Not only was I rejected by the girl I liked and didn't get the RA job, but I found out a few days ago that I didn't get the internship either... so here goes round 2 of the job search for next summer. joy...

On a positive note my best friend from home will be going to the dance with me next weekend...woohoo! She's going to be visiting me for a few days. I'm soooo excited. I don't get many visitors, and this particular friend can be alot of fun. I have a feeling she may stir things up at the dance ;) Hehe...

Anyways, i'd better get going... Hope you're all having a wonderful week.



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LDR can work

LDR can work if the two people involved have such a strong desire to be together that even over long distances, their souls can mate. I haven't personally experienced such a relationship yet, but my parents met in chicago (where my father was based) and they wrote letters and occassionally had the option to speak on a phone, and have been married for 30 yrs. now. So if your gut tells you to give things a try, let not your hopes be squandered, if your last relationship wasn't true anyway.