Bad Cold, Nightmares

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Hello everyone.

I am very sick. :(... I have a bad cold. It's kind of funny, because for the last few weeks, ALL my friends have been getting sick, and I've just been walking around like "I cannot get sick right now I WILL NOT GET SICK"... And now that I'm on break, my poor exhausted over-extended body is falling apart. Oh well, hopefully I'll be better soon.

My boyfriend left his pants at his track meet a few days ago (don't ask). Unfortunately, his wallet, keys, and liscence were in his pocket... So he's stuck at home until they return, which means I might not get to see him at all over break, which sucks.

Since I'm sick, I've spent the last 32 hours lying in bed staring at this screen, alternating between watching The L Word and Dead Like Me (which is not nearly as good as The L Word). It's getting a little out of hand. Ha ha

I had this awful dream that I was at school, in math, feeling really sick. Like, like I was about to die. I told my teacher and he said to call my mother and go home, so I got out my phone to call her, but every single time I'd dial wrong. Or rather, I'd dial right, but then I'd look at my screen and the number would be all different. I did this for what felt like forever with no success. So I started sobbing, and for some reason I was standing at the front of the class, and everybody was staring at me... Then I woke up. It was awful. I always have strange dreams when I'm sick.

Right well, that's all for now.


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:( feel better

And stop having nightmares!

Hope your boyfriend's pants get back to him in a timely fashion. (I won't ask.)

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Sucks about your boyfriends p

Sucks about your boyfriends pants. I hope you get better soon.