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There once was a person whom I had trusted
I shared a secret I thought he would have kept vaulted
The next day as I walked down the halls of school
I recieved insults and stares from the people of rule.

I asked my friend, "Why did you tell?"
We stood atop the empty stairwell.
He spoke with a cruel smile on his lips
"Because I formed important friendships."

From that day on my life did changed
People I loved were now estranged
I held my head up high, I'd been sincere
The fact they left brought many tears.

The rumors spread quickly, quite far and wide
When asked, it was not something that I have denied
The friend I had trusted gave me with a label
So he could sit at the cool table.


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That's amazing

WOW! That is some amazing poetry you've written there, I really like it, I guess it's just a shame that you had to experience that, it must of been a really tough time for you.