Both Asleep on My Bed

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The straight girl and the queer girl. My oldest friend, and myself. It wasn't anything like it sounds, which I think is why I like it so much.

Kiki, my oldest friend, has been spending the long weekend over at my place: three days, four nights. Both today and yesterday we went out, and came home exhausted. Both today and yesterday we collapsed on my bed with music playing and drifted into a doze.

However, yesterday was just dozing, today we both actually fell asleep. I think we may have woken up at the same time, but I moved to get comfortable, while Kiki didn't. I shut my eyes again, but I'd woken up by moving, so I opened them again to see where Kiki was, mostly to make sure I didn't kick her.

So, I looked down(I had the pillows, she didn't) and she was barely two feet away from me. Now, I'm not interested in her or anything, but she's not bad looking, y'know? So, I was watching her, and ever from that angle she looked innocent- she had her arms around her head instead of a pillow, so her chest was hidden, which made it so.. well, innocent! And, after looking at her for a minute or so, I realised that if we were both queer, it was quite an.. incriminating scene. She was a couple feet further down than me, facing me, so her head was about lvevl with my waist. That just struck me as odd.. and I realised that although it wasn't a 'step' as such, it made me see.. something.. differently.

I've never been with a queer girl, but something about waking up today and watching Kiki made me... free-er? I don't know if that's what I mean, but it's all I can explain right now. I don't think I'm as worried, it's like... it's normal, it's natural, to like girls, and fall asleep with them and beside them... and I'm fine with that.

I'm just happy, in some aspects, I guess.



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I think I sort of get what you're saying... that sounds nice...

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I get that feeling sometimes,

I get that feeling sometimes, and it just hits me in the face when I really pay attention to it. It's a nice feeling.

** IMRU? **

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congrats on the free-er-dom =]

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