I have nothing at this very moment to whine about things are going good for me
right now, but I'm just so like depressed....if that's the right word.I'm one of
those kids at school that hangs out with everyone only a few friends knew about
me being bi.I told one of my friends her names Vanessa and she went and told some
chick with a big mouth and this chick told all kinds of people.Most of my friends
didn't really care or they said they didn't.Some of the people that I used to
kick it with act all wierd around me.My rep at school used to be like hey don't
mess with her man she'll beat the crap out of you.But now people will like shove
me or say shit to me because they have a little bit of courage to do it.I'm losing
friends fast because of like me getting stressed and flippin out or from what they've
been hearing.I've been shuting my friends out lately I don't really talk much now.
My friend emailed me and it said she didn't want to see one of her friends break down
in front of her.The only people I talk to is my gf and my best friend.But I'm even
shutting them out.I've been on the verge of doing somthing STUPID let your mind
wonder on the word stupid.I'm not much of an emotional person but last night I started
crying right in front of my best friend, but I couldn't tell her what was goin on.
I really don't know what to do.If anyone has advice please help I'd appreciate it.

I want to cry but my pride won't let me