day after day

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I rly dnt like having to go to skool, keeping up the sharade of knwoing for sure that im straight and go for guys, or pretending that im a happy outgoing person or pretending to be sumthing im not..and their all to self-centred to notice im lieing..
a usual conversation.
~i walk wih head dwn~
'friend': hey Anna!!!! You alwiiite?!
me: ~looks up sighs smiles sweetly~ im alwite
~friend walks off~

thts how it goes day after tired of pretending!
then i've got my maths lessons tht make me want to kill myself even more than usual, i swear if i have to have the same teacher nxt year i can garentee im gunna jst jump off a fuckin bridge...ARRGGHH! I went to crufts on saturday (big dog show) and i was only noticing the girls didnt see any guys i got home and my 'boy obsessed mates' asked me if their were any fit guys n i cudnt say i had no idea and i almost sed no but their were sum hot girls, tht wudda been awkward! well im sure ur bored of my rant so i'll be off. byee


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boy obsessed mates lol

i pretend at school too, my convos are pretty much the same as the ones you explained. and just tonight, we went to a concert, 2 hot girls were dancing one level below us so i couldn't help but kinda look, and my friends were always lookin around for all the hot guys down infront and then they d turn to me to ask my opinion of the guys and i'd be like uh ya...i totally agree with you. lol, neways, sry i blabbed on for too long there.