Didn't want to be me anyway.

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I've been in a weird mood as of late. Well, the past two or three weeks anyway. It's a phase I hit every couple of months and it sticks with me until I do something random. Usually, dying my hair or getting a different piercing does the trick and I can go on my merry way until a couple of months later.

Friday, as a spur of the moment thing, I dyed my hair an auburn color (deep reddish). It was right before I went out with my friends to see this really awesome Irish group at my college. It was so funny. All of a sudden I was just like "The name of the game is dye Lisa's hair". When I picked up the hair dye, I thought my brother's eyes were going to fall out. I'm originally blonde. So it was a crazy thing to do. Came out cool. Was totally convinced that my mom was going to absolutely freak. She loved it. I was cautious.

Sunday was absolutely crazy. My mom and I started out going to Brookline, NH to the Electric Angel to either get a tattoo or make an appointment. We made the appointment for Sunday. Easter sunday. Good thing we're not religious. Then we headed over to Fitchburg having an intense conversation the entire way. We did some random shopping and then went to Color Creations only to discover that they aren't there anymore. So we went to Evolution. Now, Evolution is the place where I got my nose pierced and it's not the best place. But, the design we wanted was small so we figured what the hell. We were the first people there. That's when the nerves started to kick in. I was shaking so badly. Anyway, we went through and I now have a tattoo of the Triple Goddess symbol on the inside of my arm like three inches from my wrist. Hides some scarring really nicely. The outlining of the tattoo hurt but that was pretty much it.

Soooo that was my weekend. Craziness. Not too mention a really fun trip to Bickford's friday night where Laurel messed with the waiter soooooo badly. It was hilarious. Good times good times.


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you should put a picture of i

you should put a picture of it up

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Yay someone like me!!

Hiya!! U sound a bit like me because that's what I do when I feel really down I go out and dye my hair some outrageous colour or get yet another piercing lol, ain't got any tatoos yet though, that'll be next time, yours sounds really cool!!