Do you think mainstream music has been getting worse?

Yes! Help me Pleeeze!
40% (21 votes)
No, I love TRL!
4% (2 votes)
No, I don't pay attention to mainstream music.
30% (16 votes)
don't care
26% (14 votes)
Total votes: 53


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ime a heavy metal guy, non of

ime a heavy metal guy, non of that crap "popular"shit for me mate

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Metal just isn't finding its place on mainstream these days

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at least it means lots of goo

at least it means lots of good groups apper. if it was over popular, you would get the little guys pushd out by the giants

she holds the pen that spells the end

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I'm into altern, punk, and ac

I'm into altern, punk, and acoustic stuff myself, and i guess some rock.

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re: mainstream music

I honestly haven't turned on commercial radio in almost six months. I live in Minnesota, home of all the public radio you can handle. It's either The Current (kind of an indy-rock station by Minnesota Public Radio, almost like a college station without the college), KBEM (public jazz station), or KUMM (my college station from Morris, which I can still get on a feed even though I don't live there anymore). The closest I've come to Clear Channel lately is the Melissa Etheridge concert, which was, of course, sponsored, or course, by the Evil Empire...

edit: anyway, I never really answered the question, did I? No, it's not getting worse. It is just as bad as ever.

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I don't pay that much attenti

I don't pay that much attention to it- but I have an 11 year old sister- who's idea of great music is the crap that is in the Top 40. SO yeah, I'd say that it's awful- although occasionally a gem shines through.

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Don't pay attention

I dont pay attention because I know that anything remotely to do with pop i would gladly burn. Why dont they play sum gud music once in a while on MTV and Radio 1 etc. The only gud 1s r MTV2 Kerrang and Scuzz. Get some music sense you dumb shitheads!

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I don't pay much attention to mainstream music, but I think it's gotten worse. These days, it seems like all the bands sound the same, and they can be conveniently grouped into a certain category. For example, there are the "Talkin' 'bout my feelings" metal bands, garage bands, and a few other genres. Bands that actually go out on a limb and do something interesting are getting more and more rare.

At my campus radio station, WCRD, at least 50% of the music we play has to be from the audio vault. A lot of the music is cool, but I seem to get a lot of the mediocre stuff as well.

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2 words for ya

Modest Mouse

A s h l e y

I can't beleive them babbling acting like I'm laughing...don't find it funny but I smile at your sarcasm...