Everything and yet nothing

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Monday I worked then the next day I had off then
Wed I worked and know I have the next two days off
Sat and Sund I pull parts of doubles and I really
want to get another job and quit ryan's but it doesn't
look like thats going to happen. Still no one is hiring.
I really need a new job and one that going to understand
school, my sister and my life. I don't live at this job and I shouldn't
have to I have a life outside of it not to meation
my band who already started doing small tours
outside of the state. Its nice and fun and riding
in a van for hours with a laptop is nice.
We are vedio recording everything and I am keeping
a indepth jounral. So that we can remember everything
that is happening but back to the topic I hate
this waitress gig when I would really like to do something
in music yet I am working for a jounralism degree
(misspelled words from here on) I understand
why I have to do it and I know if I quit I have
to find another job because I have a rent bill
and a sister and food and all that stuff I mean
what is there to do when all that needs to be done
plus car insuarance and gas and upkeep on the car
and I am dating around again this is getting to be
too much
Breathing is overrated anyways.