Feel Good About Who You Are - Please Read ..I Dont Know What Else To Say

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Disclaimer- don’t hate- haha- my grammar that is-

Hi Oasis *waves*

so I’ve been coming here for what more than a year or so...and one thing never changes- the fact that our community- the gay youth is always sad- I know this- i was there - am there still occasionally and I know that life and everything is hard- and it is much harder when you’re gay and no one else understands you until you find someone who is gay or who is at least open enough to help you out and talk with you...look kids i know its hard...but you need to hang in there for generations to come. You need to surpass, bypass, and fucking knock over anything that comes between you and what makes you happy!!!

Now i am preaching this and while i am in a rut that involves school…then work..then more work. I try to live it out and as of late even more...and i know it sounds hard but once you adopt this attitude you might just feel better - being gay isn’t something we chose or can chose or even change.

i mean maybe for some of you that’s the case but for the majority of us i think we are born like this and there’s nothing much we can do but accept, cope and learn how to live with it without putting our lives socially and emotionally speaking out on a limb....

ok...well also there are a lot of homophobic people out there- and they are scary- in the sense that they don’t want to understand what it is that we are about- ok fine- that’s their problem- but we have to show them that we are not wrong that we are ok- that we are normal- and that the only thing that is different about us is who we love- because that’s what the ultimate difference is- we go against the norm in who we choose to be with- big whoop suckas- for real- and this saddens me- why??

well since society hasn’t really accepted our community it seems like it just causes us to move away further- move away- our actions have become more extreme - the breaking of gender roles and barriers and w/e else you can think of- so the more we move away - the more they move away- and the more distant our two communities are- and this equals the even larger distance we have to bridge to bring together the glbqt and "normal American" society....meh it makes sad thinking about it...because deep down all we want is to be accepted ...and to be treated equally..while "normal American" society wants..well actually i don’t know what they want since i am not a part of them...but see this is where we need to intervene…you need to reach out to some straight "normal" person and show them you are normal..if not better…we are awesome...

by nature and default and i think in a scientific sense "EVOLUTION" our community and people have grown into one of the most supportive, friendly and in general warm bases of people...fuck- so much negative has only made us want to be more positive so that we can be liked....i really believe this....and see it in a lot of people..Our desire is to be liked which molds us into wonderful individuals...some with issues concerning themselves but fundamentally we are good my friends…..

..ok kids for now that’s it.. And I know this was crazy…but I just want you guys to start realizing everything isn’t crap….we need to band together…be happy…and bridge the gap…so generations to come don’t have to suffer like past generations and like our generation is suffering now…I feel a calling here for me…its scaring me but I don’t think I will be ignoring it..

I just think I have found a new area of interest for me…

So um- have a good and thoughtful day….

Cnn* :)


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You are so right. This was an empowering essay. Thanks!! Love you!

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No, life doesn't suck :)

Good on you KieBem...it's the truth isn't it, and it needed to be said. Thanks :)


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Beautiful... I wish everyone

Beautiful... I wish everyone else was as positive as this...