feeling a bit different

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I've always been different from other people. I've had different tastes in music, movies, and whatever else there was. When I was 7 instead of hangin out with kids my own age I hung out with my 12 year old cousin and some older people that could have been my parents. By the age of 12 I had a more comunicative friendship with my mom's 30-ish yr old employee than anyone else. Unfortunatey I messed that up by being a tuff boss substitute person. (when my mom was gone i was left in charge)

So now I've turned into a god only knows someone. I can handle having a conversation about how badly or great a movie was directed/written better than a conversation about who's hott and who's not. I will watch the commentaries on a movie just for the fun of it. I will read over 100 opinions on an article about something just to get every aspect and later on debate some sort of imaginary person in my head about it. I will walk back and forth replaying events (real/ fictional) for no reason because in the end it will all still be the same.

And god I'm sure this is not normal. Sure there might be another person out there who does the same exact thing but it's impossible that many kids/teens out there bug there parents with 1 hr lectures on how being an over protective parent can truely mess up their kid. (btw, my parents aren't over-protective) I mean, do other 14 yr olds have newspapers from two yrs ago (i would have older nps but my mom threw them out)?! And god is it weird that I go on explaining to my parents why I do the stuff I do for no reason at all?!

Okay I don't even know where I'm going with this but I feel lonely and bitter.
oh and chocolate raisens taste good.




Yeah I know that feeling a little but I got out of that horrible web maybe you will too.Well laterz oh and chocolate raisanz are AWESOME!

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.

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We all are weird in our own special way. I sort of know a bit of how you feel.

*takes a handful of chocolate raisins*

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i know how u feel bout getin

i know how u feel bout getin on better wit people older than you. i uste to hang out with my brother lots. ive never realy fited in so people just acepted that i was wierd, but in a funny kinda way. dun how ime funny but i am... its probably my hair.
chocolat rasions are good but are better with rum lol, nothing better

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:)... I do most of that stuff

:)... I do most of that stuff, too. Seriosuly, like all of it. You are not alone.

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