feelings/moments/women are to be embraced...tight ;)

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Inspire me with dreams so wholesome and good
that I may change humanity.

Take me on a trip around the world,
and with no money at all,
make me feel once more as you did before,
like royalty,
crowned with your baseball cap,
enrobed in your zip-up jacket.

Remove my glasses and give me sight,
let me see you so close to me
and in a whisper,
give me knowledge of everything about you-
let me count the baby hairs on your neck
that I may memorise their numbers
and the extent of their curl,
feel their softness
and even be so tempted as
to pick out a fallen hair from your head

and keep it-
lest some day they need a DNA sample of beauty.


Just in case you always wondered why i look at you the way I do…
its because I see my the love of my life, my dream come true, my raison d’etre, … in your bra. ;)