Female won out.

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Okay. So, I have a female that I'm going to be just... friends with... but we're going to have physical attatchments. I know it's risky, but we discussed it in a very logical manner and went to great lengths to protect each other in case we have to jump ship. It's like having a girlfriend, sort of... except not. I'm still allowed to have crushes and pursue them, as is she.

However, I'm breaking up with my boyfriend. Although it felt like love, that emotion is dwindling and maybe just about extinguished. There is another male, by the name of Bob, whos really cool and really freaking awesome. I'm just not entirely sure that he's not breeder though. I really hope he isn't though. He's intelligent, tall, fair skinned, light haired (not blonde, hmmm), masculine and he's like sooo my type. The problem is that many of the males that I like always happen to be straight because... well, because I'm a loser like that. The thing with Bob is that he always says flirty things, but I just don't know if he's being serious or not. I mean... he might be. But there's reason to believe he's straight because he's had a girlfriend in the past. Now, I've had girlfriends too, to be sure, and I'm all about the manlove... so... yeah.

Not to mention, he's in my Theatre Company... He's a techie so there wouldn't be any onstage problems, but I guess it's always risky to get involved with people that you work with...

I have to find out his sexual orientation hmmmmm. I'll have to ask my friend Max on Monday.