finally, a good weekend

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well. had a rather fun evening with elise.
no, not fun in THAT respect, but fun in the innocent, happy way.
went to a dinner party last night, had an amusing time with two high schoolers (im in eighth grade) by watching them, awkward silences were frequent.
then spent about 3 or 4 hours on the phone with a girl, anne, that i met online...
GOT OVER SOPHIE. FINALLY realized it was useless and nothing would ever come out of it. AND I AM OVER ADRIAN FOR GOOD!!! (none of you know him, but he was an ex that i never fully got over)- he has a new girlfriend so i happily accepted it and VUALA! (how do you spell that?) HE EEZ GONE VUM MY MIND!
But now im starting to fall for that anne girl...she live somewhere in california and shes just so...different from all my friends that i dunno, she just seems so amazing...
i mean, i dont like enough to go through the fantasies, but i really admire her, and would say yes to her in a second if she ever asked me out...of course, that would never happen, cuz we live across the country from each other, and we all know how well i do with long distance relationships...(well, you dont, but i do). but you know, she said she had relatives here and maybe she could visit sometime...and then if she ever does, we are gonna havea party and have all the fun in the world and of course we know what that leads to.
well, again, i guess you dont, but i do.
but shes just so amazing and different and GOD do i want to meet her!!
ugh, i hate this, i mean, if i start to like her it will be just sooo painful...
so i wont wont wont.
nyehhh, because she just is so strong, emotionally and physically and im so helpless and sensitive...

well, whatever.
so today i got my hair cut- YIPPEE!! but not as short as i wanted it. and that made me sad- gonna get mom to make it better tomorrow. fabric for the pajamas we are making at school (its pink with a bunch of different colored and sized polka-dots. makes me happy!!!
and to take elise to my aunt's puppet show! shes 25 (my aunt) and does all these crazy artsy kind of things and they always turn out amazing- so it was really fun.
elise loved it, which was good- none of my other friends would have tolerated it...just pretended they liked it- with elise she actually did like it.
and i get to help with the next one!!
and then, i got to see some of a puppet show (on tape) i did back when i was 6 (with some friends)- called the 'pigmint factory' about a pig-run factory that made mints- BUT all the mints kept disappearing!! (these dragons were taking them and eating them) so i, the hero of the story, a moust who was always teased by the cats, spied on the dragons and found out that THEY were the ones that were stealing the mints!! but no one believed me so i set upa trap and caught the dragon and the end, i saved the day! hahaha, it was sooo cute cuz i was so tiny and my voice was so little.
anyways, we went over to amy's ice cream (YUM) and tool pictures in this really old photo booth and it was just a really great way to end a weekend.
the end!!!