Foe To My Existence

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swept away upon clouds so high.
my eyes swell with these futile tears.
mercenaries since the dawning of time.
my broken destiny.
fallen are the angels from above.
fallen upon my earthen breast.
my lunacy projecting upon the images of reflection in my soul.
i reflect upon my encouragement to willingly despise myself.
swept away on the waves of the ocean's tide.
my eyes swell with these treacherous tears.
my dictators for life.
my broken heart.
fallen are the fairies of lore.
fallen upon my silken breast.
my privacy taken away with the flick of my own wrist.
i reflect upon my own seriously disturbed decisions.
wrought with hurt and swept away on undulates of pain.
my eyes swell with these mistakenly brazen tears.
my vindicators till the end of life.
my broken limbs.
fallen are the gods of heavenly stature.
fallen upon my tear stained breast.
my hypocrisy revealed to its bare faced position.
i reflect upon the resolutions of others, in my life, for my life.
swept away on the perimeters of my unholy heart.
my eyes swell with the tears of sanction and my unjustness.
my oppressors for the rest of my existence.
my broken spirit.
fallen are the ones who loved.
fallen upon the barrenness of my womb.
my dynasty diminished to a simple understanding.
i reflect upon the strength i have left.
the understanding of a simple minded foe.

this is about suicide. its a very emotional poem for me.
just wanted to share.
poetry tiff