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Hidden inside, through walls of stone, immobile, built up stone by stone by the hurt, hate, and grief that no one should have experienced at so young an age, something glimmers, shining in the light. A crystal cage encloses two beautiful girls. At first glance, they are identical, but as you approach their differences become obvious. One has eyes full of trust. She appears so innocent. She is mild and demure, but she is also comforting, the sort of person you could spill your life’s story to. The other has color, a passion that is obvious, yet in a way that you cannot describe. She looks like the kind of girl that would fight forever if she found a cause worthy of her, the kind of girl who would love until death took her, the kind of girl who would never give up. You long to let them out, but their prison has no door and no keyhole. They are trapped until the person who placed them there releases them. A person that you thought you knew. Pieces fall into place, and you are filled with an immense sadness because these are not the only girls who are trapped, you know of another. And she is the girl you came here to understand, she is the one who has, unintentionally, shown you her secret. Something inside you cries out for these three girls trapped behind crystal walls, built to protect them, but ultimately dooming them to lives alone. The architect never realized that these walls built to stop the pain, to protect, would leash the girls, giving them no way to escape the pain that intensified by every passing moment. But your light is dimming and you know your time here has come to an end, with a last look at the girls, you return to the world that you thought you understood. The world where you live with a girl who has trapped herself behind walls that hide and protect her from a world that she knows all to well to cause pain, fear, and immense sadness, the girl who trapped her trust and passion within herself, knowing that they would only lead to more hurt. A lone tear runs down your cheek, shocking you out of your trance. You break eye contact with the crystal princess and no matter how long you stare into those green and gold pools you find no way back in, no way past the crystal and stone.