Have you come out to parents and friends?

Yes, both
41% (33 votes)
Just my friends
7% (6 votes)
Some of my friends
30% (24 votes)
Just my Parents
1% (1 vote)
One of my parents
9% (7 votes)
No, I am not ready to do that yet
9% (7 votes)
No, waiting for the right moment
4% (3 votes)
Total votes: 81


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I came out to both of my pare

I came out to both of my parents and some friends too. The only thing is that most of my close friends don't know so that is something I still need to work on.

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Only some of my friends know.

Only some of my friends know... like four. I told my mom when I explained the Day of Silence... she didn't get it.

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Some of my Freinds & Kinda my Mum

I choose 'Some of my friends'. I have told pretty much all of my close friends. Only not telling people who it would deeply offend (some of my mates are quite religious). But I also told my Mum (Single Parent). She assumes that I grew out of it. When I told her it was like "Dont worry, You WILL grow out of it" - so I kind of let her belive that. I think she knows otherwise, but I think I need to tell her again at some point - but then again, knowing it didnt go well last time...

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I'm starting to get the coura

I'm starting to get the courage to tell one of my close friends but not sure of when and how to tell her.

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I have come out as being bi t

I have come out as being bi to a handful of my friends, and I am slowly trying to come fully out of the closet. I was never one to jump right into the pool, I always tested the water first and eased my way in, so I guess I am just doing that now. My parents do not know.