Hmmm what to do? What to do?

WhyBAfraid's picture my worst fears have been confirmed.
Its not that Im ashamed of my homosexuality, but I would have wanted to keep it pretty much on the down low....

My best friend, the first person I EVER told, went behind my back on friday and ended up broadcasting my name over the intercom at school...about the members of the GSA...god dammit Justin what the hell is wrong with you...Uggh oh well, Its just I didnt want everyone at school to know... that I happen to be the VP...There is gonna be some serious gay bashing when spring break is it is I already get a ton of shit about that ALL my teachers know..dammit the shit has hit the fan.

Josè my boyfriend tells me not to worry...but I do,
yeah I guess in a big city, no one really cares if your gay or not.
but here in hickass Cheyenne,Wyoming. homophobia comes with the territory...

So right now I dont know what to do....

My life is at a standstill, and Im moving in reverse, its only a matter of time befor all I've accomplished becomes undone.

I guess no one really care what I have to say so anyways im gonna go cut...



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Bah humbug subject titles!

Tht was an arse of a thing to do, does this justin dude no how much it meant to u not to have the whole skool no? maybe it'll work out for the better in the end, once all the stupid remarks r over and ppl get bored with the news or something new happens (normally how it goes rite?) it'll b fine and then u wont have to worry about them finding out cus they already do, things have to move on sooner or later..cutting isnt goin to resolve anything, it'll jst add to things u feel u have to hide, but if thts how u get ur release so be it, as long as u dnt go over the edge.
Peace out.
i hope going bk to skool wont be to bad 4 u...maybe they'll forget over spring break.


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