i kinda need some help

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Im new to this site and would like some guidance. I belive that i am a lesbian. What confuses me about this is that at school i see guys that are mildly attractive but i couldnt imagine being with anyone of them. the thought of being with or even kissing a guy grosses me out to no end. I have been into girls for as long as i can remember but theres always been a guy that i like aswell, untill now. thought on what u think would be nice, thanks -Dookie


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Well, if you think you're a l

Well, if you think you're a lesbian, and the idea of even kissing guys grosses you out, I'd say you're probably right. But of course only you know for sure.

It's normal to have crushes on both guys and girls growing up, even if later you realize you're only attracted to one or another, especially as a young kid, since those crushes are far more romantic than sexual.

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i think when ur still young everyone thinks kissing a guy is gross wether u are straight or not, i dont think ur a lesbian but this is just me for now i dont think u should label urself till ur sure, you might end up bisexual?

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