I was Happy... now PISSED!

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OMG! My friend read my journal and she is so cool. She has no idea how her IMing me has made me feel so much better. Now my life has gotten somewat better even tho it still sux. She's kinda on my side,(if that makes sense)of how things are going. She truely doesn't kno how her talkin to me has made me stop cryin. I used to think that she hated me, for all the shit that I had put her thru, but now, I kno that she doesn't hate me.. Well now I am feelin better. I didn't get to talk to my 'godmother' and that kinda made me sad, because I really wanted to tell her, or at least kno what her reaction wud be hypothetically or somethin.

I am findin out some stuff that I really didn't want to. Are my 'friends' really my friends? I am startin to question that a lot now. One of my best friends has a problem with me and she couldn't even tell me face to face. She had other people do it for her. Damn this is some serious bull shit. You know what, I must have been dumb or somethin, cuz apparently I told myself one day that I wanted to be bi and have everyone hate me. I mean thats the only possible way to explain my life right now. It's all my fault. Of course thats it! I wanted my life to be miserable! Now it's gettin a lil better, because I have my friend back in it. I hope she knows how much she means to me!!


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Tru friends

Are your 'friends' really your friends? Won't comment bout everyone, but there are some people that you don't hafta question about. Aren't you happy to have me? ;)


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The Best!

I am so happy, excited, grateful, lucky, fortunate, glad, joyful, elate. Basically jus really happy that u r in my lfe. More than u will prob ever kno.
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