Identiy Crisis

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I have had a life change thing happen and now I
am not sure who I am any more. Phyiscal I am still
o.k. mental and emotional I am a trainwreak. Not sure
what was going on. I am probably going crazy or
even worse overreationing to something that isn't
really as bad as I think. I think it is possible
the worse thing. How can a guy make my whole world
change in an hour. It isn't right I was secure in
what I knew and I was sure I didn't likw guys and
know I am not sure about anything anymore and that point
makes me pissed. I want to go back so I am still
confident in who I am I don't think it is possibly
to go from lesbian to bi and I don't think I want
to but I can't deny that what I felt felt right
but I also can't just say I want to go and stay with
him because he is so much older than me. I am only
19 and he is 26 about to be 27 and I am not sure
what I should do. Damn it.


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If it feels right...

Don't get too caught up in the labels...What do we always say? That it's about who you love, so if you think you might grow to love him, you probably shouldn't walk away from it just because he's a guy...

Goodluck, hope you work things out, xox


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Just identify as homoflexible.

Homoflexible: normally gay, but willing to have relationships with the opposite sex. But if labels become a problem, just drop them entirely.


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i love that idea!!! mom , dad

i love that idea!!! mom , dad..i am a homoflexible!!!

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It may sound absurd at first

But then I'm sure it once sounded absurd to say "I'm a homosexual". Actually, it still is a mouthful.


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you might want to question wh

you might want to question what you are afraid of.
i know my fears when it comes to girls. fear of rejection,
fear of being hurt again, fear of losing control , fear of true
intimacy. i am going through the same thing you are. i was
sure i was gay for soo long, until a few years ago.

how do you feel about him?
let time and your heart guide you.
if you are really confused. just don't see him or talk to him
for as long as it takes, and your feelings should guide you.
if you miss him , want to see him , or if you simply forget about
him.let whatever happen happen, thats what i would do.