i'm gonna go talk to myself now...

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So today is like friday, right?

i forget when is when. yesterday my mom even dropped me of at the wrong campus cuz i forgot it was the day when we were gonna be at the st. benzi campus... Mmmm, bored... it's 7:40 pm and i'm still eating my breakfast.
about 9 hrs have passed and most of the scramble eggs are still there. people are starting to think i'm anorexic cuz i don't eat much. at school my friends address this issue everyday but then i point to clare and mention that she's not eating aswell. she's on a diet, you see. i however, am not hungry.
my mom is kinda worried about my lackness of eating and keeps on shoving vitamins at me. other times she threatens with sending me to the loony bin if i keep on this self-destructiveness (i used to be cutter and am kinda suicidal). I just throw i pillow at a random direction and bury myself under the covers when she goes into talking about that.
i've been sleeping a lot too. Usually i wake up after 7 hrs of sleep but it just doesn't seem worth it so i go back to sleep for another 5 hrs or so...
yeah i just felt like going into a ramble about myself and there it is.


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I'm going thru the same, i st

I'm going thru the same, i stopped cutting and its getting better but i dnt eat much and i sleep a hell of a lot, im gessin it may jst be a phase well atleast i hope it is, but if u ever need to tlk or need sum1 to listen to u mail me or add me to ur msn...if u have it my addy is dodgems12@hotmail.com

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