I'm out, but why do I feel bad????!!!!!

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I didn't think that coming out to my mother would feel this lousy. I was open about my sexuality in school, evrywhere, except my family. I am such a self-confident person but my mother was too conservative to be that way at home. But today, she looked at me and ask me that question, I couldn't lie I just couldn't. Then she said the most ridiculous and hurtful word; "why?" like as if I decided to be this way to piss her off. I love my mother terribly but now Im looking at her differently, and her at me. Its so awkward around the house, I'm begeining to regret telling her. I just want it to end. I want to be her good little daughter, and her to still be my loving mother. But nothing is ever that simple.....


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shit...this makes me feel a l

shit...this makes me feel a little less confidant of what my mom will say when i come out..
i mean...i feel like i have to...
oh well...
ill deal with whatever happens and whatever happens, happens.

life is hell.
enjoy it while you can.

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coming out

look My mom isn't the same as yours so don't completely think that it will be the same 4 you. my two best frinds date each other and both their parents are ok w/ it. one thing I will tell you it is a big burden off you shoulders. I know feel I can love my mom fully know that this lie is out from between us. I just wish she will realize the same. But don't worry, yer mom could always accept it and u'll have wondered y u didn't tell her sooner. Decide for yer self when and where yer ready.

"whatever happens here, at least I know I got it being me"