In My Room

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Why is that I can get a guy to look at me but trying
to get a girlfriend I have to jump thought hoops
I hate it. I have two guys who like me one likes me
only as a friend but he makes me nearous because he
hints that it could be more. Then the guy who just keeps
hitting on me. A lot of us from work are going bowling
Tue. A lot of us have the day off and we said lets go bowling
We all said we would bring someone outside of work.
I am bringing Danny simple cause I love him like my brother
I really don't know what to do thought I hate being hit
on by guys I also hate guys starting at me. I
don't think I am beatiful or even stare worthy.
It makes me mad. I simple want to be left alone
to be who I am and yet I can be simple unknowing wanting
to be around people. I don't understand why guys
think I am so hot. I am maybe just to nice for my
own good. I guess in some ways you could say that
I could be asking for it. But I am not I don't
want the attention. It is not wanting and I am
not going to like these guys as any thing other than