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I've been doing schoolwork all day and I'm still not done. I'm losing my mind. I can't figure out how to graph these things right, and I've got a big project due tomorrow that I haven't even started. A break would be nice, but if I take one I won't get this stuff done and the marking period ends on Thursday. If I don't get my grades up soon, I might be retaking a couple things next year. Not good.
It makes me sick. My Mom has a hard time with it, and I want it to change too. The problem is that we left my Dad because he treated us like crap. But we treat each other like crap. We grew up around it, so it was every day life for us. It's so hard to change. I've made lots of progress but I'm still not very close to where I want to be.
Writing is irritating me. Homework is irritating me. Everything is irritating me.


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My advice? Take a break... ev

My advice? Take a break... even if it's only for five minutes. If you keep working yourself like this it's only going to frustrate you more and when you're frustrated you can't think straight. Take a few minutes to do whatever you need. Beat a pillow, scream at the top of your lungs. Do something to get your frustration out.

As for behaviors... Well, only you can change and only if you really want to. I can understand learned behavior, especially ones that you never wanted. But, if you work at it, slowly but surely you'll come along.

You can never beat time, but you can sure put up a hell of a fight.

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I feel the same!!!

Coursework is really getting me down right now!!! The problem is they give us sooooooo much to do. All our subject cwk has to be in by thurs nxt wk nd I'm dreading it!!! People say to me 'oh don't worry about it' but it's easy 4 them 2 say that coz it aint their grades that we're talkin bout it's mine!! I find myself snapping at the people I love the most and I hate being like that but it's the stress I think. All I can really say is good luck to u and remember all u can do is try ur best, that's what my mum keeps saying to me!!! xxx