Is this a crush or not?

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One of my friends asked out the friend I think I might have a crush on. She told him she'd think about it.

So sometimes there's those different phases when you have a crush on someone. First it's that phase where you get knots in your stomach and get all nervous. Then it kind of settles down and it's not like "omigod" whenever you see them. But when you have a crush on one of your friends, does it feel different than when you have a crush on someone you don't know? My feelings are kind of subtle and it's like that second phase I mentioned where it's not "omigod" every time I see her. But there never was that phase where I got knots in my stomach. Does that mean I don't have a crush on her? Or is it possible that I do but it's like that second phase? I'm so confused!


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Hmmm...I couldn't tell you th

Hmmm...I couldn't tell you that for you. But it seems that there are some feelings there. I am kinda wondering the same thing with a friend of confused.

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