My first night with Jake

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This is a work of fiction (unfortunately), but is partly based on real life events. Very mild sexual activity is depicted, so steer clear if two guys making out puts you off breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. If you want the more x-rated parts, however, e-mail me and I'll send you the conclusion to this chapter.

My e-mail is (without the z's), as in my profile). In case you're wondering, I put the z's there to prevent a search engine finding my e-mail, and to reduce spam.

Comments, good and bad, and constructive criticism are welcome.


I entered the classroom and sat down at the back. In came my crush, Jake, a guy I've had my eye on for over a year now. He sat down next to me and I felt his scent waft over me. We were the only two at the back and I couldn't help but be drawn to him. I wanted to look up at his face, but I knew I wouldn't be able to pretend I was looking in the distance then. So I looked at the brown hair on his arms and wanted to run my fingers through it.

"Hey, David, is this stuff right?" I heard him ask.

I wasn't fully paying attention to the words, but I was to his slightly husky voice. He had a strange accent - a combination of several different influences, yet melodious. Now I had the oppurtunity to look at his face. I noticed he had let the his brown mustache grow just slightly on the corners of his mouth. I took in the pattern of his stubble against his cheeks and chin, hoping to never forget it. I looked at his large chest, just visible through his translucent shirt, and recall the hair on it I've seen many times before.

Without thinking, I reached over and softly grabbed his nipple through his thin shirt. Blood rushed through my veins as I was enchanted by the feeling. I saw Jake flinch a little. Shortly after I removed my hand, afraid of making it obvious what I wanted. I turned to look in front. Then he put his hand on my nipple, and I was back in heaven. He too removed his hand after a few seconds, and the euphoria subsided. He smiled at me, but I looked away, feeling nervous.

We did this two more times in class, but no one seemed to notice. Each time I only wanted Jake to touch me more. I wanted not just to put my hands on him, but my whole body. Then everyone got up to leave as school was over. I turned and started packing when I felt a hand on the back of my shoulder. I knew it was his hand. I had to try hard to suppress a cry of euphoria. I turned to look at his face and short brown hair. Jake's mouth was open, but it changed into a beautiful smile. By now everyone had left the classroom, and it was just the two of us standing there in silence, awed and overcome by each other's presence.

He looked into the depths of my eyes. Instinctively I looked away. He looked away, embaressed. But I had to look back into his blue eyes, hoping to regain their confidence. Our eyes darted away and back, out of sync, until they finally met.

Jake started laughing, and I felt a little dejected, thinking I had been lead on. But then he put his strong arms around my back drew me close to him. I was so close I could hardly breathe, not because of how he was holding me, but because it was his chest I could feel against mine. Jake let go of me and smiled. I wanted to kiss him, but I had forgotten how to move to do so.

Jake looked away.

"Sorry," he said

"Don't be," I said. "I liked it." I couldn't believe I was saying that.

"Great." He smiled again. I could get used to him smiling like that. "Hey, um... I was thinking, would you like to meet up tonight? Maybe catch a movie or something?" Jake said. His voice was trembling a litte, but I couldn't think why.

He asked if I'd like to meet up with him some time later on. I couldn't believe what was happening, and even in my legs I could feel my heart in my chest beating.

"Sure," I replied. "Where'd you like to meet?".

He said that we could go and see "Constantine". We agreed to meet at 7.

The afternoon felt like it lasted a few years, as I couldn't think about anything but my crush. I went for a walk, and thought about how badly I wanted him. I came back and realised how I needed to hurry up and get ready. I called up a Sebastian, a supportive straight friend of mine, to tell him about what had happened. He was a little shocked to find out that Jake was apparently gay, but wished me luck and told me to be careful. I told my parents that I would be going to a party and probably wouldn't get back till quite late. They weren't too happy at this, but I didn't care.

When I got to the cinema I was worried that Jake wasn't going to be there. I stood in the corner worrying, away from most of the people lining up to buy their tickets. How did I know I hadn't just been set up by him? How did I know this wasn't just a joke? I couldn't believe that I could be as lucky as to be with a guy like Jake.

"Hi David."

I turned around, surprised. Jake was there, and I felt all better again. Jake looked handsome and sexy in his collared shirt and pants. I could smell his scent and I soon became intoxicated again.

"Well aren't you going to say "hi" to me?" he asked.

"Of course I am, buddy," I said.

I reached over to hug him but he pulled away. Once again, I felt I had lost him. He said we could do more of this later. He said that even though I was gorgeous, we couldn't let everyone see us together like this. I was relieved, knowing I still had the night with him. It had hardly occurred to me, but I realised that I should have been more careful. I agreed with him.

We hardly paid attention to the movie. Jake had chosen it well - hardly anyone else was in the theatre. We sat at the back, on the couple seats, and continued where we left off in physics. He put his arm over my shoulder and hugged me. We sat close to each other, with his arm over my shoulder and my arm over his. Several times I wanted to kiss him, again, but I wasn't sure if it was the right time and I didn't want to mess things up.

Afterwards we had dinner and chatted. We talked about school, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, playing guitar, playing piano. Every time he laughed I felt my heart melt a little more for him. Every time our eyes met, I felt myself want to kiss him. But there were other people in there.

After we had finished our food, we paid for it and left. By now it was eleven o'clock. He asked me where I'd like to go.

I said I didn't know where I'd like to go. I said I would like to go anywhere he would like to go, but I would prefer if there were less people around. He asked if we could go back to my place, but I said that my parents wouldn't take it well. I didn't say that they knew that I was gay but had trouble accepting it. I would have been shy to even say that I was gay to him.

So he suggested we sneak back into the boarding house and go to his room. We didn't have much choice really. It was either that or spend more time in public, worrying about whether we were coming across as too attached, as more than just brothers or friends.

The gate was locked at this time of night, so we had to climb over the concrete fence. He said he would give me a boost. He bent down and told me to get onto his shoulders. I did so and was able to scramble onto the fence. Then I reached down and helped pull him up and over on to the other side. Looking at him there, with the dim fluorescent white light shining from a distance over his face, I felt how badly I wanted him. I looked into his eyes and wanted only delve into their depths.

We made for the building. Jake opened the door and heard the television was on in the common room. The common room was near the stairs, and there was a lot of cheering, both coming from the TV and the guys in the room. It was football, and it seemed all of the other boarders in the room were watching. Visitors weren't supposed to be in the boarding house at this time. Jake told me that he would go say "hi" to all the guys and the boarding parents so as to make a distraction for me to go up the stairs unnoticed. Then he would go up the stairs and join me. I waited by in the porch for about half a minute, then slowly crept in.

"So I thought that I could get him in part of a band together with me," I heard Jake say. "He could play the accompaniement on keyboard for all of the parts were missing. It would be a much better idea than finding someone who can play the trumpet and someone who can play the double bass."

This was the first I had heard of this idea, but I went up the stairs and waited anxiously on the landing. I was out of view of the common room, and I couldn't make out what was being said. Then suddenly everyone was cheering, probably overjoyed at a goal having been scored. I felt footsteps come up the stairs, and I could make out the brown spiked hair on the top of Jake's head before I saw the rest of his body. He grabbed me and embraced my whole body. From head to toe I could feel warmth radiating from him. I looked into his eyes, and he looked into mine. I decided to kiss him.

But before I could, he opened the door to his room and gently pulled me by my arms in. He closed the door and locked it. Jake walked up to me until he stood right in front of me. Again, I could feel his heart beating, smell his scent up close and sense his body. He gently pushed me down on the bed.

I lied down on his bed, on my back, maintaining eye contact. I wanted him badly and I knew he wanted me. He carefully and methodically laid himself on top of me. First his legs were on mine, then his abdomen, then his chest, and finally he put his cheeks next to mine and rubbed his stubble against mine.

But it wasn't enough for either of us. I grabbed the back of Jake's head and pulled him to me, kissing him long and deep. At first he just breathed heavily, surprised and enjoying it. Then he returned the kiss. We did this for a while passionately enjoying each other. I felt my boner growing, but then I noticed his was too.

Then we broke from the kiss. He started moving his hands around my body. He used his big hands to carefully undo the buttons on my shirt. I lifted myself up and pulled my arms out of my shirt and pushed it onto the floor. I reached up to unbutton his shirt, while he felt my abs and niples. Once unbuttoned, Jake took his shirt off and threw it on the floor, landing on top of mine. He then laid down to kiss me again, only this time I was delighted to feel his hairy chest and abs against mine.


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Oh wow

That is just so romantic and so cute...!!!

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Brilliant! I'm so happy for

Brilliant! I'm so happy for you, and thankyou for being so descriptive, it helps me to relate. Have fun getting to know him better.

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Darkest Dream, Thanks very

Darkest Dream,

Thanks very much. It was hard to get started, but much easier once I got into it.


Thanks also. But unfortunately this is only a dream; I haven't gotten to this stage with my crush, and I can't foresee myself doing so soon. However, I will try a lot harder to make this a true story!


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Sweet Story

That was a really sweet story and we enjoyed. Hope there's more to come!

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