Our Family

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Sitting in class head in the crook of my arm looking
helpless lost is my postition in Math and Spanish.
I can barely keep myself awake. In Journalism I was
given a tough assignment that shouldn't be hard
to write a story fictional or not in a positive light
about gay and lesbian family's. This isn't really
a problem except the backlash from my recently
published piece of work. "How Lesbian and Gay Youth's Deal, They Don't."
this piece happened to be talking a bit about sucide
and how we deal with what all is going on in are lives
I didn't name this site but I gave a vaugue referance
to it because I wasn't allowed to give websites in
it so I had to find a way around it. I did by meationing
that there are various websites that had help for
gay or lesbian trans and bi students. I know
we have a couple of trans (excuse my slang) whom I
interviewed for my piece but almost all of them wanted
to keep pictures and names out of the press so I
had to assign each of them a new name and my editor
had to meet with them also. That was what caused
a lot of backlash is people want to know who so they can
do some "gay bashing" in spring I will be moving
to Tennesse to visit a lot of campus I am looking
at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville
TN for the purpose of writing about my expierce and
telling it just like it is.